Patch 1.3

Patch version 1.3 is out for Running Vs Chat, the Twitch streamer vs Twitch Chat runner. This patch adds a variety of small improvements to the game based on feedback from Twitch streamers and audience members.

Patch Notes for version 1.3:
- Added Smug Cat Companion. After being stopped by an audience member, a companion briefly shows up on the next run with the name of that person
- Added the command #random, which spawns a random obstacle
- Added one new Surprise
- Removed the Earthquake Surprise, as a small number of people said it made them nauseous
- Added separate audio sliders for music and sound effects
- You can now press Escape in the middle of a run to go straight back to the main menu
- Increased the small passive run speed increase that happens over the course of a run
- Renamed the #sharpy command to #slime, although #sharpy will still be recognized
- Added recognition of the most common spelling errors (like #3platform, #suprise and a few more)

Files Newest Version 24 MB
Jan 07, 2021